College Council

The College Council is responsible for the strategic direction of St Leonard's College. Each individual Council member generously provides their professional expertise and experience to support the long term development and success of the College.

Function of the Council


The 91 Council is constituted by a board of directors (known as the Council) and is responsible for the setting of strategic goals consistent with the vision, values and mission statement of the College.

The Councils overarching duty is to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance prevail in all aspects of the Colleges operation, from strategic planning to daily activities, and to oversee and maintain the long term viability of the College as a provider of the highest standard of coeducational primary and secondary education.

Responsibilities of the Council


The Councils responsibilities include:

Appointing the?Principal

Evaluating the performance of the?Principal

Setting the annual financial budget of the College

Determining the long term financial and operational strategy of the College

Setting the level of fees each year

Planning buildings and equipment according to the needs of the College

Determining the?Terms of Business?of the College

Approving fundamental policies to apply throughout the College

Ensuring that adequate systems of internal control are in place to manage the financial transactions?of?the College

Reviewing risk management and mitigation procedures of the College

Reviewing regulatory compliance

Legal Entity


The College is a registered Company limited by Guarantee.


Appointment of Directors (Council members)


The Council consists of at least?nine and up to 12 members. The Council endeavours to ensure that at least half of the Council members are drawn from parents (or guardians) of current or past students of the College.?The Principal, Deputy Principal and Finance Manager are not members of Council, but attend meetings of Council in their capacity as the Executive Officers of the College.

Candidates for the Council are selected according to?criteria including their particular professional expertise and experience, the current mix of skills already available from current members, their interest in the overall long term development of the College and their personal involvement with the College. Potential Council members may indicate their interest to the Council either directly or in response to a call for expressions of interest.

Members of Council give freely of their time and do not receive any remuneration. Most are current or past parents and/or alumni of the College.

Committee meetings


The Council has eight scheduled meetings per annum and at any other times as required. Committees meet regularly.?The Council establishes the following committees of Council to carry out detailed tasks and report the results to Council for its approval:

Chairs Committee (Chair, the?Deputy Chairs, the Principal and the Deputy Principal):?Determines the agenda of Council meetings and provides a sounding board to the Principal on key issues.

Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee (Members of Council, the Principal, Deputy Principal and Finance Manager):?Reviews the financial performance of the College against budgets and forecasts, develops recommendations to the Council on finance matters, reviews the Statutory Compliance and Risk Management programs of the College and acts as the main interface with the Colleges external auditor.

Succession and Board Development Committee (Members of Council):?Reviews the skill and experience needs of the Council, manages the succession planning for the Council, interviews potential new members of Council and makes recommendations to Council as to membership of the Council. Coordinates professional learning and the board appraisal process.

Building and Property Committee (Members of Council and the Principal, Facilities Manager, Finance Manager, Director of Academic Development, Director of Technology Innovation):?Considers the needs of the College for physical facilities, reviews all major capital expenditure proposals, reviews the progress of all building projects and advises Council on these projects.

College Council Member Profiles

Our Council members bring valuable knowledge and experience to the College within their relevant areas of expertise.

Jen Neate, MAICD, Chair of College Council and Chair of the Foundation

Jen brings expertise in school governance and fundraising having chaired kindergarten and primary school boards prior to joining the St Leonards Board in 2016. She has been the finance manager of a start-up telecommunications company now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is the mother of former students.

Paul Gower, BCom, Chartered Accountant, Registered Company Auditor, Deputy Chair of College Council

Paul is a partner at EY and was appointed to the St Leonards Board in 2013. He is the Deputy Chair of College Council and a member of the Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee. Paul has a son who graduated from the College in 2020 and two daughters who graduated in 2023. Pauls wife, Katie, also attended St Leonards.

Amy Burgin, BEng, Chartered Accountant, Registered Company Auditor

Amy is a Partner at EY and has worked with various organisations, including large ASX-listed companies, multinationals, and not-for-profit organisations in a diverse range of industries and sectors across Australia, the United Kingdom,?and France. Amy is risk-focused and has a deep understanding of organisational governance,?including its application within a Board and Committee environment.? Amy joined the Council in 2024 and is a member of the Finance, Risk and Compliance Committee.? She has two children, a son at St Leonard’s College and a daughter who will commence in 2025.

Kate Eriksson, BBus (Technology), MAICD

Kate is a specialist in digital innovation and future business trends and models across a range of industries and start-ups. Kate has experience living and working in Europe and the USA. Kate joined the Board in 2015 and is a member of the Succession and Board Development Committee. She is the mother of a current student.

Stephen Evans, BCom, CA, Chair of the Finance, Risk, Audit & Compliance Committee

Stephen is a fund manager,?specialising?in Australian small companies and joined the Board in 2018. He is a former student of the College graduating in 1995 and is the father of four boys at the College. Stephen is the Chair of the Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee.

Alistair Jack, BBus, Chair of the Building & Property Committee

Alistair is a registered building practitioner in the residential and commercial building sectors. He joined the Council in early 2018 and is Chair of the Building and Property Committee. Alistair is the father of two boys at the College.

Cara Kuramoto, Bachelor of Arts (Criminology/Psychology)

Cara is the People Leader, Australia, for GHD and has extensive experience in Human Resources and Change management. Caras connection to 91 spans three generations with both Cara and her mother being Old Collegians and her two daughters are current students. Cara joined the Council in 2022.

Paul Lasky PhD, BSc (Hon)

Paul is a Senior Lecturer and Astrophysicist at Monash University. He is a former student of St Leonards having attended ELC through to year 12, graduating in 1990. He has two children at the College. Before joining the Council, Paul was an Ambassador for the Foundations Inspiring Innovations Project. Paul very much enjoyed the role of Ambassador and gaining a deeper understanding of the College. He joined the Council in 2020 and is a member of the Building and Property Committee.

Melissa Marcus, BA/LLB (Hons), LLM (Cantab)

Melissa is a Barrister at the Victorian Bar. She joined the Board in 2017 and is a member of the Succession and Board Development Committee. Melissa has a son (OC 2021) and a daughter who is a current student at the College.

Katya Pellicano, BPD (Arch), M Arch

Katya is a registered architect and Company Director. Joining the Council in 2020, Katya is a member of the Building and Property Committee. She attended St Leonards from ELC through to year 12, graduating in 2002. Katya has two children at the College.

Paul Stern, BBus (Marketing), GAICD

Paul is a business leader with extensive marketing, digital, commercial, and international experience at globally recognised Retail and FMCG businesses. He joined the council in 2021 and is a member of the Finance, Risk, Audit and Compliance Committee. Paul is the father of a current student at the College.