Curriculum and Academic Programs

By delivering a modern, relevant and dynamic curriculum we challenge our students to think creatively, critically, ethically, and empathetically in every facet of their studies and across all disciplines.

In a rapidly changing and interconnected world, success has never been more strongly linked to the ability to navigate the deluge of information at our fingertips. Through our academic programs we develop the necessary skills which allow our students to confidently engage with the world around them.

Our Academic Executive and Curriculum team promote a culture of high expectations and accountability among teachers, students and families, and develop targeted learning programs to enable students to achieve their learning potential.

Our scholastic models and teaching methods are informed by the very best research, data, resources and educational?organisations?in the world including; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Headmasters and Headmistresses Council (HMC, UK), Grattan Institute, McKinsey and Associates, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). St Leonard’s College was the only Australian school invited to engage in the OECD 2030 project C The Future of Education.?This project is focussed on the development of curriculum and pedagogical practice to address the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that today’s students will need to thrive in the increasingly?volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Talent Development

At 91 we understand that every child has a unique set of needs and abilities, and our specialist programs are designed to ensure every student is provided with the opportunities and tools to achieve their best.

An academic extension program operates throughout Middle School and offers selected students enrichment classes in English, Mathematics and Science. Our dedicated Talent Development Coordinator facilitates participation in external programs such as Tournament of Minds, da Vinci Decathlon and Future Problem Solving.

These state, national and international competitions develop critical and creative thinking skills across a range of disciplines. Teachers serve as mentors to small groups of students, working closely with them as they prepare for the competitions and offering support and guidance in their specific area of expertise.

Our students regularly qualify for state, national and international finals in talent development competitions, providing opportunities for interstate and international travel, and for students to connect with like-minded peers from schools around the country and the world.